Our Story

RebelFood is a Queenstown based company, created and founded in Oct 2015 by Joe Swatland & Leoni Sullivan and has proudly welcomed Martin James, Alex Boyes and 100% Pure Racing to an ever-growing team.

RebelFood was founded on the belief that a major change needs to be made to the way we are subject to false foods and poor messaging from other companies. Throughout supermarkets and websites, companies offer their version of a nutritious snack, leading consumers down a path to purchasing something that is as useful as a chocolate cake, or in some cases, will destroy the body at the time it needs help the most.

We believe that no matter what it is that you consume, you should reap the rewards and benefits. It's not ground breaking, it's not a new invention, it's consuming only what your body needs to. We will instil trust, honesty and faith back in to the food chain, one product at a time, and we will ensure that anything that bears the RebelFood name will be the greatest achievement in sports nutrition every time.

No more lies, no more false identities. Bring back the time when an athlete was a god, inside and out. When we're by your side, what you conquer, will be limitless!

RebelFood will only continue to rise and rise, and every Rebel that joins us will reap the rewards.

This, is the RebelFood Uprising!