Meet The Commanders


Joe Swatland - Founder/Managing Director


The founder and creater of RebelFood Ltd, as well as the designer and brains that have turned NutriBombs in to the highest source of natural nutrients in NZ and winners of the ‘Fine Food Shows Most Innovative Artisan Product 2016’.

An avid sportsman with a love for nearly all sports, Joe is certainly someone that understands the benefits of consuming nutrient dense products.

Originally from Leicester, England, his chef career started in 2004 at the age of 16, moving to Londons Savoy Hotel to begin his Apprenticeship which kicked off his career, finally ending in Queenstown, New Zealand, where RebelFood was created and is based today.

Joe has spent the majority of his career catering for the rich and famous, such as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Vladimir Putin, British Royalty and Parliament, the cast of Harry Potter and several hundred more. Most notably, and one of the reasons he has a distinct understanding of what the top professional athletes in the world consume form day to day, Joe spent 4 and a half years cooking for several hundred professional athletes and sports teams including the All Blacks, Wallabies, Springboks, Chelsea, Man Utd, Barcelona, Liverpool, Juventus, England Cricket, India Cricket & Australia Cricket to name a very small amount. His knowledge of the athletes varied diets from sport to sport is something that certainly stands out from the crowed and his experience is evident in his products, which are designed based on the worlds best athletes needs and diets using innovation and the sourcing of natures finest and rarest ingredients.

His passion for food and nutrition, coupled with his hatred for the fake products that line the shelves has created the perfect storm.

Presently, Joe competes in Marathons and Half Marathons, as well as playing in goal for his local football team, the Frankton Rebels FC and is aiming for his first Ultra Marathon distance races. He has also managed to keep his career alive while working full time for RebelFood and works as a Private Chef when time allows it.

As the face of RebelFood, it’s highly likely you’ll see Joe around, so feel free to come and say hello, he doesn’t bite!


Leoni Sullivan - Founder/Director


The backbone of the company that keeps on top of behind the scenes.

Leoni is responsible for feeding Joes ambition and dreams and has helped tailor the finer points of RebelFood and streamlining the original concept in to what it is today.

Leonis experience stretches through a long list of different occupations, making her the ideal handy man to have on board with RebelFood.

Originally from Doncaster, England, Leoni has spent most of her active life either dancing or teaching others how to dance, as well as a spell as a goalkeeper for her local Football team amongst other sports.

Her experience also extends to professional sports teams, such as the All Blacks and Australia Cricket and worked closely with them, learning about their diets and nutritional intakes at the same time.

Today, Leoni trains for running events and has opened her own dance studio in Queenstown (Lakes Theatre Arts), as well as working at the local womens Gym.



Martin James - Director


Martin ‘Marty’ has propelled himself in to the world of the restaurateur after a prolonged career as a chef, working in England for a brief period and finally ending up in Queenstown, New Zealand, to open his and Alex’s first restaurant, Wai Dining.

Marty spent part of his career as a chef for the New Zealand Army, which has complimented his stern kiwi sense of humour and his drive to forever be moving forward and progressing.

Now on to his 4th restaurant in the local area, his business sense and ability to get things done has helped cut out the crap and get RebelFood pointing forward, not to mention his influence in the army style branding behind the company.

Business meetings are never dull, albeit sometimes very off topic and farfetched as we try to orchestrate our latest plan of attack.

Today, you’ll find Marty competing in Mountain Bike events in some of the toughest events on the Island and following his passion of Rugby around the country, as well as jumping from restaurant to restaurant managing his many loyal employees.



Alex Boyes - Director


The business head that understands the jargon that comes with owning a company and another keen restaurateur, Alex is no stranger to keeping a business succeeding having opened Wai Dining with Marty and owning 3 more in the area.

Originally from England, Alex made New Zealand home at a very young age and embodies the Kiwi spirit, and definitely the sense of humour.

Alex’s passion lies in wine, and not just drinking it. His knowledge base has helped his restaurants excel, which in turn has given him the understanding of how to make a company succeed against its rivals and stand out from the crowd.

Alex is another reason RebelFood has been able to get off the ground so quickly and forms the Quadruplet of Directors to get RebelFood to its opening point.

Now, you’ll find Alex in the sky Paragliding or on the ground Mountain Biking in events across the South Island, as well as following everything that’s going on in Rugby.



100% Pure Racing - Director

The greatest Adventure Race on planet Earth!

RebelFood was extremely proud to welcome the Directors and Management of GODZone Adventure Race a few months after opening, especially as both sets of Directors share an ambition for world domination and to start out above the rest.

Warren Bates, Margo Berryman, Anna Bastin & Ian Edmond make up the elite 100% Pure Racing team that bring the world the greatest Race the Adventure community has to offer each year, which now hits it's 7th year in operation.



Joe Swatland - Founder/Managing Director

The founder and creator of RebelFood Ltd, as well as the designer and brains that have turned NutriBombs in to...