Have you ever looked at a products label and seen the mass advertising they do based around nutrition and health, only to turn over to the reverse of the product to find that it's contaminated with a list of poisonous and unnecessary ingredients? Frustrating, isn't it?!

Well, this is where RebelFood steps in to a class of its own. We're not your average company, and we're certainly not your average business owners, far from it. The RebelFood philosophy is a fundamental part of human nature, it's something that is so basic that we shouldn't even need to writing this right now.
Dairy Free - Gluten Free - Additive Free - Preservative Free - Refined Sugar Free - Completely Natural


Sometimes the simplest of ideas turn out to be the greatest. But, what if we could take that simple idea, keep it that way on the surface, and completely change the structure of our products whilst leaving it's face the same.
Well, this is exactly what we've done, and we've done it in a very big way, so much so that our products may look like the rest of the products on the shelves, but on the inside they are one of the highest sources of natural nutrients in the world.

So, what do we go through to make sure you, our Rebels, are guaranteed to be consuming one of the most beneficial products on the planet?


Step 1 - Data, DaTa, DATA

In case you missed it, our first step is data. You see, we don't just create something, look at a website that seems most beneficial to what we want to say and think oh, I'll tell the consumer that there's a chance it's got some nutrients in it. No no no, our data is harvested by multiple networks and by professionals in the field of nutrition that really know what they're talking about. We originally took 11 months to create an extensive database that showed us exactly what we needed to know about every ingredient on the planet, so we can tell you exactly how much Folate is in 100g of Strawberries, or how much Omega 6 are in Flax Seeds. This is one of the main reasons we include several of the worlds most potent natural superfoods in to each product in order to drastically boost it's profile. This means that we know what is in your product, before we've even finished the recipe, and then the good people at Massey University and Cawthron Institute test it all out for us.

Keep Your Eyes Out For:
The false data! You see, nearly all companies don't actually have to get their nutrient data tested, meaning that they can write what they want on the back of their labelling without knowing what's actually in their product. Many, many producers skirt around these fees and make up their nutrient data based on very loose research, so if somethings seems too good to be true, contact the company to find out how they got that result before you buy it!


Step 2 - Connecting The Links In The Chain

Something commonly missed by every type of consumer is that nutrients are a family that work together. Everyones got their favourite relative that makes the family gathering a memorable experience and makes sure that you enjoy every minute, well, it's not much different for nutrients. Every nutrient needs a partner in crime to help it get in to your bodies system, so if you take Iron, they'll need Vit C to open the door for them. Protein will then need Vit B to help it out and so on. Without their friend, you're wasting a large amount of what you're eating.



Keep Your Eyes Out For:
Companies that advertise high doses of any one nutrient. It's all well and good saying 'Protein' all over the packaging, making people think that they're purchasing something to drastically rebuild muscle 
fiber, but in reality, you're wasting your money on expensive urine if it doesn't contain all of the other nutrients it needs to help it to be absorbed.


Step 3 - Product Testing

We haven't just made something that we think may be a decent product and thrown it out there, hoping that the consumer will enjoy what we've made and that it may be practical. We're more than that! Each product released has been tested out on some of the best athletes on the country, from Mountain Runners and Yogis, to Skiers and Olympians. One of the most vital attributes to their ability to be the best is NUTRITION. Without it, their body doesn't have the fuel it needs to burn in order to compete at the highest standard, which is why our Rebel Leaders were the perfect candidates to test their nutrient ability. Each product is developed for a specific reason, whether it be for mood enhancement or to aid relaxation, or to benefit the immune system and muscles post exercise. 


Keep An Eye Out For:

The posers! Many companies choose brand ambassadors purely to boost each others egos. There's a chance your idol may be taking photos with a product just for the exposure with no intention of using the product itself. If it looks as though the product may not be good enough for real athletes, there's a good chance they're staying clear of it too! All of our athletes get a hand out each month which they use in their training and races, which goes to show that the proof is in the pudding!


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